Fresh Diamond: a real family business

In 1990 we started as a greengrocer in Amsterdam. Our grandfather set up everything independently and ran it for years, after which it was taken over by three brothers from the family. After ten years of successful business, we wanted more, we wanted to grow and came up with the idea of ​​importing ourselves. After all, we knew which suppliers delivered the best quality and so we could expand with the certainty of high-quality products. One of the brothers started to deal with imports and the other two focused on expanding the business.

Heart for the business and for our customers

The brother who entered the import world has built up name awareness within the Amsterdam wholesale market in no time. This is how we grew, we continue to grow but we also remain the same. Our values ​​always remain: delivering the highest quality, satisfied customers and fast and good service. We are a close-knit family business with a heart for the business and for our customers.

Food Safety

We guarantee high quality of our products all year round. Naturally, we work with specialists, making food safety a matter of course. Because we have our stock in-house, we can continuously check and guarantee quality. In addition, we naturally have the required certifications.